We are arriving at Venlo. The town of Venlo is being located about 30 miles in the north west of the Ruhr - district and belongs to the province of Limburg.

Venlo is an industrial and trading town and has got about 90.000 inhabitants.







The armorial bearings of Limburg.

The Maas is passing Venlo. The river is important for inland navigation to reach the big seaports.







The city hall of Venlo is an old magnificant building proving the welfare and proud of an urgent mariner´s nation.

The very new museum of the province of Limburg vis a vis to Venlo´s railroad station.





Beautiful old houses of Venlo´s tradesmen remark the impression of the town.





Venlo is also a very polpular trading town. A lot of tourists visit Venlo.

People of Venlo are fond of riding wheels.
Venlo main railroad station



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