Wanne - Eickel

The town of Wanne - Eickel was founded on April 1st, 1925 because of the administrative reform of the Ruhr - district. Wanne - Eickel was the smallest town in regard to its superficis of the Federal Republic of Germany, and there was a time Wanne - Eickel had the highest density of population in Europe.

But a lot of people left Wanne - Eickel because of the change in structure . Coal mining was given up in Wanne - Eickel already during the 1960s. The incorporation of Wanne - Eickel to Herne in 1975 caused further economical problems.

But Wanne - Eickel still remained to be popular. The name ist world wide known, and mostly foreigners will laugh very kindly, if you tell them that you was born in Wanne - Eickel. This matter may not only caused by the old hit "The moon of Wanne - Eickel". Nobody knows why the town provocates people to make jokes...

Please visit on each case the famouse kermis of Crange, the old village of Crange, make a picknich at the canal of Wanne - Eickel, vist the local museum of Wanne - Eickel in the neigbourhood.
Visit the coal miner´s settlement Koenigsgrube in Roehlinghausen, see Wanne - Eickel at night and, even if you are only driving motor - cars, respect Wanne - Eickel as the town of the railroad.

Photos: A view on Wanne - Eickel
A reminiscence to to old coal pit Unser Fritz (our Fredrik) at the kermis of Crange.
The coal mined here comes from the northern part of the Haard.




Our little trip through Wanne - Eickel starts at the Cranger Tor (door of Crange) at the end of the main street passing the town from north to south.

We ´ll reach soon Wanne, the center of the town.


The fire - brigade of Wanne - Eickel.

Below: The old an the new fire - watch.

Main railroad station and post office

...and now we want to leave Wanne and go to Eickel in the south of the town.